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La Petite Perle

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Whether you want a 'pied à terre' next to a boulangerie, a tranquil rural retreat withe hectares of woodland or somewhere between the two, there is plenty of choice here. Whatever your budget, diy or not, renovate, redecorate or move straight in... Your heart's desire or "coup de coeur", as they say here, is just around the corner. Parcels of land with building permission, fishing lakes, old barns, new pavillons, chateaux or farm houses; they are all here.

With our experience, our local knowledge and contacts we can help you ask yourselves the right questions about what you want us to find. We'll get to know you well enough to even show you a wild card or two outside your comfort zone, who knows, perhaps we'll surprise you.

We search for properties within the Charente, Haute Vienne and the Dordogne, or further afield by special arrangement .

You give us your property requirements and then we do all the legwork to save you wasted time, effort & money. Being placed on the ground in your chosen search area means we can sort the wheat from the chaff we will work tirelessly with local agents on your behalf to come up with a shortlist that not only matches your specifics but dazzles too.
Then when it's time to visit we can accommodate you in our La Petite Perle garden room in the Dordogne. We can even collect you from the airport and chauffeur you to & fro viewings helping you to appraise each property and liaise with local agents.
Nothing is too much trouble in searching out your special pearl!